File Exchanger Tool

File Exchanger Tool has been released.

Supported platforms:

  • Windows (x86, x86_64)
  • Linux (x86_64)

File Exchanger – – Linux
File Exchanger Tool – – Windows

File Exchanger (file_exchanger) Tool is a peer-to-peer files exchanger for Windows/Linux platform.

The main features of File Exchanger (file_exchanger) Tool:

  • transfer of files from client to server, using open socket connections;
  • transfer of files from client to server, using SSL connections;
  • control of entirety of received files, comparing of checksum values sent and received files, using CRC-32 algorithm;
  • using transfer of files from client to server, using SSL connections;
  • using follow SSL mode/algorithms (TLSv1.2), if SSL connection is used:
    • TLSv1.2 – version
    • TLS – the protocol used
    • ECDHE – the key exchange mechanism
    • ECDSA – the algorithm of the authentication key
    • AES – the symmetric encryption algorithm
    • 256 – the key size of AES
    • GCM – the mode of AES
    • SHA384 – the MAC used by the algorithm
    • prime256v1 (NIST P-256, secp256r1) – Elliptic Curve, that is used by ECDHE and ECDSA
  • using unique CA of client and server certificates;
  • user can update CA, client/server keys/certificates, using suite of scripts ssl.ecdsa.tar.gz (ReadMe.txt in ssl.ecdsa.tar.gz);
  • using of xml configuration files, which can be updated by user and will be applied without restart of processes (sm_file_send_clns, sm_file_send_srvs);
  • scanning of configured directories, where sent files can be copied;
  • copying of sub-directories with files, saving of sub-directories tree at the server side;
  • support of unicode symbols in file/directory names;
  • backup (with rolling) of sent/received files;
  • server and client modules can be launched as Services (Windows)/Daemons (Linux);
  • tool applications don’t use any intermediate servers and transfer files directly between client and server;

Read ReadMe.txt for more info.
File Exchanger (file_exchanger) Tool is a free software distributed under the MIT.
Read License.txt for more information about license.

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File Exchanger (file_exchanger) Tool ® Copyright © 2018-2019 by SManSoft.

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