Spring Login (Stack Templates) with HTTPS

Spring Login (Stack Templates) with HTTPS.

sl-jsp-djpa-jc-hib-ehc3-ssl on GitHub
Spring Login (Stack Templates)
Spring Login (Stack Templates) on GitHub

Demo project (Spring, Spring Boot, Spring-Security, JSP, Apache Tiles, Spring-Jpa, Spring-Data-Jpa, JCache, Ehcache, Hibernate, MySQL, Logback, Maven, Gradle) with HTTPS has been added to Spring Login Suite:

sl-jsp-djpa-jc-hib-ehc3-ssl (Spring Login with HTTPS)

  • Spring Boot
  • JSP + Apache Tiles 3
  • Spring MVC + Spring-Security
  • DAO (Spring Data JPA)
  • JCache
  • Hibernate
  • Ehcache3

Project sl-jsp-djpa-jc-hib-ehc3-ssl  contains functionality like in sl-jsp-djpa-eclnk-cache project.

Application sl-jsp-djpa-jc-hib-ehc3-ssl creates default Root Admin (login: ‘root‘ passw: ‘root‘). Root Admin can’t be removed, but can be updated (for ex. passw value).

You can launch built application as using java -jar sl-jsp-djpa-jc-hib-ehc3-ssl.war as you can deploy him to your Java Servlet Container.

If you build sl-jsp-djpa-jc-hib-ehc3-ssl with current version of  src/main/resources/srv.sl.p12, you will need to import CA certificate (as trusted, for ex. Trusted Root CA) from current version ssl/ssl.ecdsa.ca/out/ca.sl.pem. Also you can extract CA certificate from src/main/resources/srv.sl.p12.

Please, and send your notes and questions to info@smansoft.com.

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